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New to SpaceWire technologies or looking for more information? There's plenty of information in these pages, or alternatively you can contact a STAR-Dundee team member using our enquiries form with specific questions. The Knowledge Base contains a wealth of information about SpaceWire and the latest technology: SpaceFibre. It consists of a "Getting Started" section, providing an overview for those new to SpaceWire or SpaceFibre, the "SpaceWire User's Guide", for in depth detail about SpaceWire and its applications, an "External Resources" section, including links to STAR-Dundee and University of Dundee conference papers, and a section "About STAR-Dundee". The menu shown on the right is available on each page to navigate topics. The Knowledge Base categories are also shown at the top just under the main page links. If there's any additional content you would like to see, or even submit, please get in touch here.