At STAR-Dundee we are always looking to improve our team. If you would enjoy challenging work in an exciting industry with a great bunch of people, and think you would be a good addition to our team, then please get in contact.

We currently have the following open positions:

  • Sales and Procurement Assistant
    • This is an opportunity for a highly capable individual to work with and assist the company’s International Sales and Procurement Officer. Specific tasks include handling sales enquiries, processing purchase orders, reviewing contracts, and searching for and purchasing critical components.
  • Electronics Test Engineer
    • We’re looking for an Electronics Test Engineer or Senior Electronics Test Engineer to work on production testing of circuit boards and units which are themselves for testing spacecraft electronic systems. The role will be in our production team, testing products before they are shipped to our customers across the world, and may also involve developing and improving our test processes.
  • Several Electronics and FPGA Engineer Roles
    • These roles are for engineers with backgrounds in electronic circuit board, FPGA or ASIC design to work on chip design and/or unit design, contributing to the development of new products and technology for spacecraft applications. We’re looking for people with at least two years’ industrial experience and with a 1st class degree or equivalent experience.

The job descriptions linked above provide more information on the qualities we’re looking for and how to apply.

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