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About STAR-Dundee


STAR-Dundee Ltd specialises in supporting users and developers of SpaceWire, a standard for data communications onboard satellites and spacecraft. SpaceWire is being used on ESA, NASA and JAXA spacecraft as well as by agencies, research organisations and space industry across the world. SpaceWire's speed, simplicity, flexibility and interoperability have contributed to its popularity, something which staff at STAR-Dundee has been instrumental in for more than 15 years.

We have the world-leading expertise and technology needed to support your SpaceWire project and to help make it a success. The company was born out of the Space Technology Centre at the University of Dundee, which led the technical work on the SpaceWire standard. STAR-Dundee is also the winner of two SMART awards from the Scottish Executive in recognition of its cutting-edge SpaceWire technology.

STAR-Dundee aims to support users of SpaceWire technology by providing:

  • Unrivalled SpaceWire expertise
  • High-quality SpaceWire evaluation, development, test and EGSE products
  • Widely used, industry-leading ,flight IP
  • First-class technical support, consultancy, training and design services

Our commitment is to get our customers working with SpaceWire technology as quickly as possible, and to provide any support that is needed in applying SpaceWire to specific applications.