Upcoming Events

After a successful 2023, we are back again with another year full of exhibitions and trade shows, starting this week with a short trip to Glasgow for the second Space Suppliers Summit.

With the Space Industry continuing to grow, we look forward to meeting both new and current connections and will be attending both well-established and new events. In May, we will be returning to Space Tech Expo USA in Long Beach for the first time in several years and will attend the first Canadian Space Week in Montreal and Longueil. Closer to home, we’re also looking forward to the first ever Space-Comm Scotland in Glasgow.

We’re currently planning to exhibit at or attend the following conferences, exhibitions and trade shows in 2024:

Space Suppliers Summit
6th to 7th February, Glasgow, UK

Space-Comm Expo
6th to 7th March, Farnborough, UK

Paris Space Week
12th to 13th March, Paris, France

Space Tech Expo
14th to 15th May, Long Beach, CA

Canadian Space Week
23rd to 25th May, Montreal/Longueil

28th to 30th May, Opatija, Croatia

IEEE Space Computing Conference
15th to 19th July, Mountain View, CA, US

38th Annual Small Satellites Conference
3rd to 8th August, Logan, UT, US

Space-Comm Scotland
11th to 12th September, Glasgow, UK

ESA Industry Space Days
18th to 19th October, Noordwijk, Netherlands

Space Tech Expo Europe
19th to 21st November, Bremen, Germany


Further details on events can be found on our 2024 Events page, 2024 Events – STAR-Dundee