Electronic Software Delivery

As part of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, STAR-Dundee recently moved to electronic delivery of the software provided with our products and will no longer be shipping CDs with products unless specifically requested to do so. This has the added advantage of ensuring that users receive the latest software when they first begin using their new product.

To receive access to the latest updates for your product, whether it’s a recent purchase or a well-used unit bought 20 years ago, please register the device’s serial number on the PRODUCT REGISTRATION page in the SUPPORT section of our website. This registration process ensures that you’re given access to the correct updates for your products and an option is also offered to receive notifications when new updates are released for the products you register. If you’ve not yet received your products, you’re also welcome to register the products you’ve ordered by entering the purchase order number preceded by “PO” in the serial number field of the Product Registration page. This will allow you to start using the software and begin development using the APIs before you receive the devices.

If this is the first time you’ve registered a product, you will be given a new account for accessing downloads. You’ll then be given access to the downloads for the products you’ve registered. These downloads can be accessed from the PRODUCT SUPPORT page, which is again in the SUPPORT section of our website. If you’ve not already logged in, you can login using the LOGIN TO ACCOUNT button on this page or the LOGIN link at the top of any page. You’ll then see the list of products you’ve registered in the menu on the right-hand side. Note that many products make use of our STAR-System software suite which has its own downloads page and will also be listed in the right-hand menu.

We are continually improving our products and frequently release updates to both software and firmware, adding new features not initially present, plus support for new operating system versions. As part of our commitment to providing the best possible support, these updates are made available to all registered users through the download pages.

Electronic Delivery of Software