STAR-Dundee Introduce SpaceFibre at 29th National Space Symposium

29th National Space Symposium

Another successful trip for STAR-Dundee exhibiting at the 29th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.

Despite the attendance being low from the absence of NASA and other US Government bodies, a direct result of US budget sequestration, and the appearance of some late winter storms that saw outside temperatures drop to -13 degrees Celsius, the quality of the visitors to our stand was again high including a discussion with Lt. Governor of Colorado Joseph Garcia attending as co-chair of the Colorado Space Coalition.

Exhibiting at the NSS provided the first forum for us to introduce SpaceFibre to existing SpaceWire users and newcomers to SpaceWire technologies. SpaceFibre produced great interest with its ability to provide Gigabit bandwidths for data transfer on-board spacecraft, especially when backed with QoS mechanisms and much improved fault tolerance techniques.