STAR-System V2.0 released!

STAR-System V2.0 New Application GUIs

STAR-Dundee has now released V2.0 of their STAR-System software stack.

STAR-System is the system architecture that has been designed as a minimal layer with a single programming interface, STAR-API, that is consistent across all supported operating systems. STAR-System V2.0 expands the STAR-System portfolio with more supported STAR-Dundee devices, new operating systems support, and a more extensive range of supporting APIs and GUIs.

New Features for STAR-System V2.0

Languages and Environments:

  • C++
  • LabVIEW (available soon, separately)


Operating Systems:

  • VxWorks (available separately)
  • RTEMS coming soon (available separately)


Supported devices:

  • SpaceWire-USB Brick Mk2
  • SpaceWire Router Mk2S
  • SpaceWire Physical Layer Tester (available soon)


APIs and Modules:

  • Configuration APIs for all supported devices
  • SpaceWire USB device driver


GUIs and Applications:

  • Error Injection: allows various forms of errors to be injected on a link, including parity errors and inserting or supressing FCTs.
  • Device Update: provides an easy way to upgrade the firmware of a device to the latest version when posted on the support website.


A more comprehensive list and description of STAR-System is available here.

The latest STAR-System release can be downloaded from the Support website for customers that have registered devices. If you don’t have access, register your device, follow the link to our Technical Support home page and follow the instructions to obtain a username and password.