New Employees Welcomed to STAR-Dundee

New Employees Welcomed to STAR-Dundee

STAR-Dundee have recently expanded their company to include 6 new employees! We would like to give them a very big ‘welcome onboard’ and hope that you have the opportunity to meet them at a variety of SpaceWire, and aerospace, conferences which are attended by STAR-Dundee. Most notably the 3rd International SpaceWire Conference in 2010, more on that to follow.

The “Our Team” page will be updated shortly, and in the meantime you can read a short bio on Alex Mason, Lisa Rodway, Doug Roberts, Pete Scott, Paul McKechnie, and Bruce Guoxia YU and all other members of the STAR-Dundee team here.

International SpaceWire Conference 2008

International SpaceWire Conference 2008

Japan showed exceptional hospitality in the truely beautiful city of Nara during the 2nd International SpaceWire Conference. The conference, attended by many SpaceWire users and developers, which proved to be a great success, included impressive tradional Japanese events.

STAR-Dundee exhibited at the conference which brought together both academics, industrialists and enthusiasts. We look forward to attending the 3rd International SpaceWire Conference in Russia, and for more information on the hardware and software included in the exhibit visit the products page, or email a member of the STAR-Dundee team at

International Aerospace Congress 2008

International Aerospace Congress 2008

The 2008 IAC was well attended by delegates across the world. STAR-Dundee joined forces with Clydespace to exhibit a Scottish stand. At which STAR-Dundee demonstrated transmitting pictures from a camera, over SpaceWire, to display them on a TV. SpaceWire interfaces can be seen at the SpaceWire products page.

Amongst the many famous visitors was Bridget XMR Rover. Incidentally, the XMR Rover uses SpaceWire to connect its science navigation cameras to its onboard data-handling systems

STAR-Dundee to Exhibit at International SpaceWire Conference

International SpaceWire Conference

STAR-Dundee is delighted to be taking part in the first International SpaceWire Conference, to be held from 17 to 19 September 2007 in Dundee, Scotland. The conference will be hosted by the University of Dundee, where the SpaceWire standard was written, and will be attended by representatives from industry and the major space agencies. Session topics will include SpaceWire missions and applications, SpaceWire components, SpaceWire onboard equipment and software, SpaceWire test and verification, SpaceWire networks and protocols and SpaceWire standardisation. There will also be an industrial exhibition, featuring STAR-Dundee as well as other major international suppliers of SpaceWire technology.

STAR-Dundee SpaceWire Lab Cables Now Available

SpaceWire Lab Cables

SpaceWire Lab Cables can now be purchased from STAR-Dundee. These cables offer similar performance to standard SpaceWire cables, but have been designed for ease of use in the laboratory. Standard cable lengths are available and alternative lengths can be made to order. For further information, including a data sheet describing the cables’ characteristics, please see our Products page.

STAR-Dundee at ESA Exploration Workshop

ESA Exploration Workshop

At the recent European Space Agency Exploration Workshop in Edinburgh, STAR-Dundee demonstrated its range of SpaceWire equipment to workshop participants. This workshop is the first step in defining a long term strategy for space exploration.

STAR-Dundee’s demonstration used SpaceWire Router-USB (now replaced by the SpaceWire Router Mk2) and SpaceWire USB Brick units to simulate the onboard data handling bus of a spacecraft, highlighting some of the benefits of SpaceWire for spaceflight applications. Participants at the workshop were very interested in SpaceWire technology. Allan Wilson, Deputy Minster for Enterprise and Learning, was pleased to see the new technology STAR-Dundee has developed since his visit to the Space Systems Lab in July 2006.

STAR-Dundee attends 57th IAC in Valencia

STAR-Dundee attends 57th IAC in Valencia

STAR-Dundee participated in this year’s meeting of the International Aeronautical Congress. The IAC’s 57th gathering took place from 2-6 October in Valencia, Spain, and was attended by more than 2,500 delegates. Delegates were treated to a taste of Spanish culture, particularly in the form of flamenco and Valencia’s famous paella. The Congress was held in the city’s stunning Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (Arts and Sciences Centre), designed by the acclaimed Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. In keeping with the spirit of the chosen theme of the Congress, ‘Bringing Space Closer to People’, the organisers cultivated public interest and support through open days and public events.

At STAR-Dundee’s exhibition stand a wide range of SpaceWire equipment was displayed, including the SpaceWire Link Analyser, SpaceWire Router-USB, SpaceWire PCI-2 board and the widely used SpaceWire-USB Brick. STAR-Dundee staff performed a live demonstration of the innovative SpaceWire IP-Tunnel by connecting SpaceWire equipment at the exhibition via the Internet with other SpaceWire equipment in the STAR lab in Scotland. The SpaceWire IP-Tunnel supports early spacecraft sub-system integration using the Internet to integrate and remotely test SpaceWire enabled spacecraft sub-systems. For more information on the SpaceWire IP-Tunnel and STAR-Dundee’s other equipment, see our Spacewire Products page.

Praise for STAR-Dundee as MSP visits

STAR-Dundee and the Space Technology Centre were visited by Deputy Enterprise Minister Allan Wilson on July 25th. Mr Wilson was given a guided tour of the Technology Centre, visiting both the Satellite Receiving Station and the Space Systems Lab. In the Space Systems Lab he was shown planetary surface simulations and the SpaceWire related activities currently being completed, including the SpaceWire IP Tunnel.

The minister praised STAR-Dundee for showing Scotland to be at the cutting edge of innovative technology. His comments were widely publicised.

STAR-Dundee collects second SMART Award from Scottish Enterprise

STAR-Dundee collects second SMART Award

STAR-Dundee recently collected its second SMART Award from the Scottish Executive. The grant will be used to fund STAR-Dundee’s next line of SpaceWire development equipment.

The award has been made under the SMART:SCOTLAND scheme, which is designed “to help small businesses develop new cutting-edge products and processes with the potential to benefit Scotland’s economy”. For further information, see the Scottish Executive’s news release.