64-Bit SpaceWire USB Device Driver Released

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STAR-Dundee have released a 64-bit SpaceWire USB device driver for Windows, to accompany the existing 32-bit driver, and it is now available for download.

The USB driver supports the SpaceWire Brick, SpaceWire Router-USB, SpaceWire Link Analyser, and the SpaceWire Conformance Tester. Both the 64-bit version of the driver and the 32-bit version will work on Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7), with 64-bit and 32-bit Linux also available. STAR-Dundee include drivers, APIs (where applicable), delivery, and technical support with all hardware.

To download the driver for your USB device, please register your product here

STAR-Dundee Expansion

Our new location

STAR-Dundee Expand Premises

We are proud to announce that STAR-Dundee have recently expanded to a new building. Our postal address has not changed, however please take note of our new contact numbers:

Postal address
STAR-Dundee Ltd.
Ewing Building
Smalls Lane
Dundee, DD1 4HN
Scotland, UK

General Enquiries Telephone
+44 (0)1382 201 755

+44 (0)1382 388 838

You can still receive technical support from, quotes on SpaceWire products at, or contact us with any other queries at

New Chinese Distributor

Beijing Yoler Sci-Tech Development Co.,Ltd

STAR-Dundee have now appointed a distributor for our SpaceWire Products and SpaceWire IP Cores in China, Beijing Yoler Sci-Tech Development Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Yoler has gained recognition for their marketing efforts with SpaceWire technology and STAR-Dundee products. Beijing Yoler specialise in providing Spacewire Test & Development Equipment to the Chinese Aerospace industry, by introducing advanced international technology and bringing more targeted, distinctive products and a high level of service.

For Chinese customers interested in using SpaceWire technology, please contact Junzhe Liu (刘军哲) or Beijing Yoler directly:

Postal address
Junzhe Liu (刘军哲)
Room 210, Agriculture and Forest Committee office building,
No.7 Yard,
Haidian district,
China 100080
+86 010-59497290
Web Address

For customers in other regions, please check our distributors page for contact information, or the Products and Quotations page and a member of the STAR-Dundee team will put you in contact with the appropriate persons.


SmallSat Conference

SmallSat Conference

Held in Logan, UT, STAR-Dundee will be attending this years SmallSat Conference.

STAR-Dundee will have some of their new Mk2 SpaceWire products ready to exhibit. If you would like more information
on these please come and visit us at:

STAR-Dundee, Stand 3


After a succesful show STAR-Dundee would like to thank everyone who put effort into this year’s SmallSat. For anyone who didn’t get a chance to speak with us, you can find more information about our products here or contact a member of the team at


Exhibit at IAC 2010

IAC 2010

27th September – 1st October

STAR-Dundee to exhibit at IAC 2010

After a great trip to South Korea in 2009, STAR-Dundee will be exhibiting our latest SpaceWire tools and services at the 61st International Astronautical Congress in Prague, Czech Repuiblic. More information on the conference is available here. Come and visit us:

STAR-Dundee – Stand A11


We would like to thank everyone who stopped by to discuss the latest developments with SpaceWire technology. We are looking forward to Cape Town and hope to see many returning faces. For quotations on STAR-Dundee SpaceWire tools, please use the Products and Quotations page.


STAR-Dundee are to exhibit at Farnborough International Airshow 2010

Farnborough International Airshow 2010

STAR-Dundee are to exhibit at Farnborough International Airshow 2010.

From the 19th – 25th of July we will be attending the biennial airshow with support from SDI.
To find out information about SpaceWire, STAR-Dundee, or our new range of upcoming Mk2 products
come and visit us at:

Scottish Development International Stand, Hall 1 B19

We look forward to seeing you there! Link:
Farnborough International Airshow 2010


STAR-Dundee have had excellent exposure this week having appeared on the officail Airshow Radio, Japanese video,
and now on SDI’s YouTube channel. You can watch the video here:


SpaceWire Technology Seminar with AOE of CAS, China

SpaceWire Technology Seminar with AOE of CAS, China

In June 2010, STAR-Dundee was invited, by Academy of Opto-Electronics (AOE) of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), to give a very comprehensive seminar including many aspects of SpaceWire technology and STAR-Dundee SpaceWire equipments.

We were also glad to give working and live demonstrations of our USB Router, USB Brick, Link Analyser, Validation Software and Conformance Tester. All of the items featured in the demonstration, along with other available hardware and software can be viewed in the SpaceWire test and development equipment page. Alternatively, you can email for more information.


International SpaceWire Conference 2010

International SpaceWire Conference 2010

With previous conferences being held in Dundee, Scotland (2007) and Nara, Japan (2008), the International SpaceWire Conference comes to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2010.

From the 22nd – 24th June STAR-Dundee will attend to demonstrate current tools to support the users and developers of SpaceWire equipment, participate in shaping the future of SpaceWire, and also, importantly, realise the needs and desires of the SpaceWire community. We would enjoy hearing your opinions and feedback, and showing you what we have to offer, so be sure to visit STAR-Dundee and meet the team. More information is available from the official website here.

DASIA 2010

DASIA 2010

Hosted in Budapest, Hungary, STAR-Dundee exhibited a range of new products along with technical presentations on their new capabilities.

Some of the presentations featured SpaceWire, including Steve Parkes’ “New SpaceWire Protocols and Tools”. The full conference proceedings are to be published within two months, but in the meantime a summary of the final programme can be found here. Also, further information on the new range of improved STAR-Dundee Mk2 products will be available on the STAR-Dundee SpaceWire products page shortly.


6th UK-China Workshop on Space Science Technology

6th UK-China Workshop on Space Science Technology

One hundred and forty scientists and engineers from 30 organisations in China and the UK attended the 6th UK-China Workshop on Space Science and Technology held in Wuhan, China.

On this workshop, STAR-Dundee presented the features of SpaceWire, reasons why SpaceWire and the SpaceWire products available from STAR-Dundee. We were glad to see the excitement and enormous interest brought by Chinese delegates. Please drop us an email to, for the presentation slides or more information.

STAR-Dundee and the Japanese SpaceWire Users Meeting

STAR-Dundee and the Japanese SpaceWire Users Meeting

STAR-Dundee were very honoured to be invited along to the Japanese SpaceWire Users Meeting, held at the University of Tokyo. Several companies and agencies gave presentations on missions that were using SpaceWire, all of which proved to be very exciting.

This was a great opportunity for STAR-Dundee to update the Japanese SpaceWire community on our range of products. We were also glad to give working demonstrations of our USB Router (now replaced by the SpaceWire Router Mk2), USB Brick, Link Analyser (now replaced by the SpaceWire Link Analyser Mk2), Validation Software and CUBA software and also help test a Japanese router with our Conformance Tester and Link Analyser (now replaced by the SpaceWire Link Analyser Mk2).

All of the items featured in the demonstration, along with other available hardware and software can be viewed in the products page. Alternatively, you can email for more information.

New Employees Welcomed to STAR-Dundee

New Employees Welcomed to STAR-Dundee

STAR-Dundee have recently expanded their company to include 6 new employees! We would like to give them a very big ‘welcome onboard’ and hope that you have the opportunity to meet them at a variety of SpaceWire, and aerospace, conferences which are attended by STAR-Dundee. Most notably the 3rd International SpaceWire Conference in 2010, more on that to follow.

The “Our Team” page will be updated shortly, and in the meantime you can read a short bio on Alex Mason, Lisa Rodway, Doug Roberts, Pete Scott, Paul McKechnie, and Bruce Guoxia YU and all other members of the STAR-Dundee team here.