Software Development Environment

STAR-Dundee Software Development Environment (SDE) provides a comprehensive, fully integrated set of software development tools for the SpW-RTC, including compiler, debugger, and monitor functions. It is based on widely used open-source software development tools, extended by the provision of features specifically designed to aid SpW-RTC software development.  Additional software components allow connection to RTC-based hardware systems for software debugging and testing.

The SpaceWire RTC Software Development Environment consists of a number of components integrated together to provide a complete system for the editing, compiling, debugging and testing of software.

The components of the Software Development Environment are:

·     Code Rocket: an abstract pictorial and descriptive input tool.

·     Eclipse IDE: widely adopted Integrated Development Environment.

·     GNU Compiler Collection: fully integrated toolchain.

·     STARGate custom plugins to Eclipse IDE: provide seamless access to the peripherals and other target platform components, allowing reading and writing of data and control information, and manages communications between the Eclipse IDE and the target platform, using any supported interface including RS-232, USB or SpaceWire to connect to the Development Unit.