SpaceWire LabVIEW (VISA) Driver

STAR-Dundee’s SpaceWire LabVIEW VISA driver has been implemented as a native LabVIEW driver, providing support for the STAR-Dundee PCI family of devices. Software written to control these devices may be deployed on any hardware platform that supports cPCI/PCI and NI-VISA, including both Windows based hosts and LabVIEW Real-Time targets, without requiring modifications to source code. The software is provided as LabVIEW source with password protected block diagrams, allowing users to compile for any target.

The SpaceWire LabVIEW VISA driver covers PCI family devices supported by STAR-System including the SpaceWire PCI Mk2, SpaceWire cPCI Mk2, SpaceWire PCIe Mk1 and SpaceWire PXI Mk1/Mk2. It supports all platforms and allows the cPCI Mk2 and PXI cards to be used in NI’s PXI rack system.

The SpaceWire LabVIEW VISA Driver complements the STAR-System for LabVIEW wrapper that allows LabVIEW to access all STAR-System functionality for Windows based platforms.

NOTE: The SpaceWire LabVIEW VISA Driver is not compatible with STAR-System.

Product Features

  • Provides low level DMA access to the SpaceWire channels.

  • Transmit and receive time-codes and packets, including packets terminated with EOP, EEP or no end of packet marker.

  • Receive link speed change and link state change (errors detected, link running) events.

  • Perform link speed configuration operations.

  • Inject errors onto a SpaceWire Link, on a given byte within a packet.

Technical Specs

  • Part Number


  • Software
    • Designed for LabVIEW 2014 and later. Contact STAR-Dundee regarding support for earlier LabVIEW versions.

    • Compatible with, but does not require, LabVIEW Real Time Module.

  • Supported Devices
    • SpaceWire PCI Mk2

    • SpaceWire cPCI Mk2

    • SpaceWire PCIe Mk1

    • SpaceWire PXI Mk1/Mk2