SpaceWire Isolator

The SpaceWire Isolator is an isolation unit for ground test and integration applications, providing galvanic isolation for two SpaceWire links. Isolation is tested to 60 V with components rated to 100 V.

The Isolator protects equipment from electrical surges and transient voltage spikes, and eliminates ground loop currents flowing between equipment which can cause damage to LVDS interfaces and poor equipment performance. It operates transparently in-line with the SpaceWire links, with no additional software drivers or configuration required.

The Isolator provides two independent SpaceWire channels that operate at up to 150 Mbit/s between two SpaceWire devices which may not necessarily be at the same ground potential. The SpaceWire Isolator employs digital isolation components to overcome this requirement, providing protection for two independent SpaceWire links to be connected safely.

Product Features

  • Two independent links: isolates and protects two links between SpaceWire test equipment and SpaceWire flight equipment.

  • Isolation: tested to 60 V potential difference between ground reference planes; components rated to 100 V.

  • Link speed: both links are fully compatible with the SpaceWire standard and operate from 2 Mbit/s up to 150 Mbit/s.

    Note that maximum link speed depends on link length and timing characteristics of interfaced devices. 200 Mbit/s has been tested at room temperature on a variety of cable lengths including a 10 metre cable on the flight interface and 2 metre on the test interface using STAR-Dundee SpaceWire Lab Cables.

  • Common mode filtering: on all data lines.

  • Software and configuration: none needed; works transparently.

  • Enclosure: compact size and rugged design.

Technical Specs

  • Part Number


  • Size
    • 85 x 66 x 19 mm (approx., excluding feet)

  • Power
    • +5V DC, mains power brick supplied

  • SpaceWire Ports
    • Compliant to SpaceWire Standard ECSS-E-ST-50-12C (formerly ECSS-E50-12A) and provides support for RMAP (ECSS-E-ST-50-52C)

    • Number of SpaceWire Ports: 2

    • Speed: 2 Mbits/s up to 150 Mbit/s

    • Connectors: 9-pin micro-miniature D-type

  • Isolation
    • Tested to 60 V, components rated to 100 V

  • LED Indicators
    • Flight side: Blue LED indicates power to flight side

    • Test side: Blue LED indicates power to test side

  • EMC
    • CE/FCC Certified