SpaceWire RMAP IP Cores

STAR-Dundee offers a comprehensive range of SpaceWire and SpaceFibre IP cores used across the space industry in flight FPGAs and ASICs. Two independant IP cores are availible that together support the SpaceWire RMAP standard:

  • SpaceWire RMAP Initiator IP Core
  • SpaceWire RMAP Target IP Core

Each core is provided as VHDL source code, making each of the cores highly customisable through generic configuration parameters in the code. The IP Cores are designed to provide the user with high-performance, low power consumption SpaceWire capability at a lower cost than developing a core in house. These cores are present in STAR-Dundee’s test and development equipment and have been widely used across the space industry, including in the SpaceWire 10X Router ASIC (AT7910E) and SpaceWire Remote Terminal Controller ASIC (AT7913E) radiation tolerant chips available from Atmel.

Different licences and licence upgrade options are available to help users reduce their costs even further. Discounts may also be applied for Universities and ESA member states.

Further information on the SpaceWire RMAP IP Cores can be found in the datasheet below, and for technical queries please enter any questions in the additional comments section of the quotation (becomes available once you click Request Quote). Alternatively you may use the Quick Price Enquiry Form to ask any questions you have.

Product Features

  • Fully compliant to the SpaceWire Standard

  • Provided as VHDL source code

  • Great control and flexibility through editing generics in VHDL

  • Low power consumption by design

  • Discounts available for single mission use, research, or ESA member states

  • SpaceWire RMAP Interface:

    • Both RMAP Target and RMAP Initiator cores available
    • Fully compliant to SpaceWire and RMAP Standards
    • Compatible with both SpaceWire and SpaceFibre Interface and Routing switch IP Cores

Technical Specs

  • Available Cores
    • SpaceWire RMAP Target (includes SpaceWire Interface)

    • SpaceWire RMAP Initiator (includes SpaceWire Interface)

  • Approx. utilisation estimates
    • SpaceWire RMAP Initiator:

      • 25% Actel RTAX2000
      • 16% Xilinx Spartan 3E 1600
    • SpaceWire RMAP Target:

      • 14% Actel RTAX2000
      • 8% Xilinx Spartan 3E 1600
  • Content
    • Supplied as VHDL source code

  • Licencing options
    • Variety of licence and licence upgrade options available, any needs can be discussed with STAR-Dundee