SpaceWire Recorder Mk2

The SpaceWire Recorder is designed to support the validation and debugging of complete SpaceWire systems. Using the advanced SpaceWire technology from STAR-Dundee Ltd and the very latest solid state data storage technology the SpaceWire Recorder offers exceptional SpaceWire recording capabilities.

The SpaceWire Recorder unit comprises a half-width 3U PXI/cPCI rack, fitted with a SpaceWire interface board, a control computer and one or more SATA solid state disc drives. The SpaceWire interface board has eight SpaceWire interfaces which are able to support recording of SpaceWire packets running over both directions of up to four links. The control computer provides a range of interfaces to the SpaceWire recorder including dual Gigabit Ethernet for remote control or data logging. The SpaceWire Recorder is fitted as standard with one 960 Gbyte SATA solid state disc drive to give the ultimate in recording data rate and reliability.