STAR-System for RTEMS

The SpaceWire RTEMS driver provides a library of functions to program the SpaceWire PCI Mk2SpaceWire cPCI Mk2 and SpaceWire PCIe under the RTEMS real-time operating system. The driver interface is provided as a custom interface RTEMS driver in the form of a compiled C library. RTEMS configuration and initialisation, which must be built into the application, is provided as customisable source code.

Product Features

  • Extensive API

  • Transmitting and receiving packets

  • Building and decoding RMAP packets

  • Link error recovery

  • Example code

Technical Specs

  • Part Number


  • RTEMS version supported
    • 4.10.2

  • Hardware platforms supported
    • Aeroflex Gaisler GR-LEON4-ITX

    • Please contact us for other platforms

  • Supported devices
    • SpaceWire PCI Mk2

    • SpaceWire cPCI Mk2

    • SpaceWire PCIe

  • Provided STAR-System APIs and Modules
    • STAR API

    • RMAP Packet Library

    • Configuration APIs

  • Provided example application code
    • Device Configuration

    • STAR-System Test

    • Performance Tester

    • Device Configuration examples

    • RMAP examples

    • Transmit and receive packets examples