SPARCv8 Software Development Environment

The SPARCv8 Software Development Environment (SPARCv8-SDE) from STAR-Dundee is designed to support the development of software for the SPARC V8 series of processors, SoC devices and FPGA cores targeted for on-board spacecraft. SPARCv8-SDE consists of an all-in-one software development environment that provides great flexibility allowing generic application software development and, through a library of plugins, processor specific software.

Helping both hardware and software engineers at all stages of system development: evaluation, hardware prototyping, software development and debugging, SPARCv8-SDE provides the essential tools to help reduce development time and cost.

The SPARCv8-SDE is initially targeted at the range of space rated, radiation-hardened processors and SoC devices from Atmel/Microchip including the AT7913E SpaceWire Remote Terminal Controller and the AT697F processor. The SPARCv8-SDE can be purchased separately or is included with a SpaceWire RTC (AT7913E) Development Kit together with a development unit containing an AT7913E processing board housed in a custom enclosure with the interfaces of the AT7913E device available on front or rear panel connectors.

For more information on the AT7913E, please see Microchip’s website.

Product Features

  • Code Rocket: an abstract pictorial and descriptive input tool

  • Eclipse IDE: widely adopted Integrated Development Environment

  • Custom plugins to Eclipse IDE: provide seamless access to the peripherals and other components of the target hardware, allowing reading and writing of data and control information

  • GNU Compiler Collection: fully integrated toolchain

  • Hardware interface module: manages communications between the Eclipse IDE and the target hardware system, using RS-232, USB or SpaceWire to connect.

Technical Specs