STAR-System for VxWorks

STAR-Dundee’s VxWorks driver supports the SpaceWire PCI Mk2SpaceWire cPCI Mk2 and the Spacewire PCIe on the real-time operating system VxWorks. The driver interface is provided as a custom interface VxWorks driver in the form of a compiled C library. Board initialisation support which must be built into the VxWorks image is provided as customisable source code with full working examples for Kontron cp620 and Maxwell SCS750 targets.

Product Features

  • Both a high level and low level API

  • Works with SpaceWire PCI Mk2, SpaceWire cPCI Mk2 and SpaceWire PCIe devices

  • Multiple boards can be supported on the same target

  • Detailed user manual and example code help users get started quickly

Technical Specs

  • Part Number


  • In-house tested combinations
    • Tornado 2.2 using VxWorks 5.5

    • Tornado 2.0 using VxWorks 5.4

    • Workbench using VxWorks 6.5

    • Workbench using VxWorks 6.7

    • Workbench using VxWorks 6.9

  • Field implemented versions
    • Workbench using VxWorks 6.3

    • Workbench using VxWorks 6.6

    • Workbench using VxWorks 6.7

    • Workbench using VxWorks 6.9