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SpaceWire PXI

Available now.

The SpaceWire PXI card is a versatile SpaceWire Interface, Router or RMAP target device. The card is designed to be an efficient host interface to a SpaceWire system or network, by utilising a cPCI or PXI backplane.

The PXI card takes advantage of STAR-Dundee's SpaceWire Router technology which allows the card to act as an efficient host interface with direct access to the SpaceWire ports, or as a SpaceWire Router where packets can be routed between the SpaceWire ports or between the PXI interface and the SpaceWire ports.

The SpaceWire PXI card is available in three formats.

  • SpaceWire Interface: 4 port SpaceWire Interface device with 4 data channels and 1 control channel for direct access to the SpaceWire ports through the PXI interface
  • SpaceWire Interface with RMAP target: 4 port SpaceWire Interface device with 4 embedded configurable Remote Memory Access Protocol (RMAP) targets and 1GByte of DDR3 memory
  • SpaceWire Router: 12 port SpaceWire Router device

The SpaceWire PXI cards provide four or twelve SpaceWire interfaces, support for high speed data transfer, the capability to inject various types of errors on demand, the ability to transmit and receive time-codes and act as a time-code master, and comes complete with highly optimised host software for low latency transmission of SpaceWire packets directly to and from the host PC.

The SpaceWire PXI cards can take advantage of the trigger connections on the PXI card front panel to sequence events in the card such as the transmission of time-codes or data packets. The interface card has four general purpose SMB trigger connectors which can be used to sequence data transfers and events, and indicate events to an external device such as an oscilloscope.

 The RMAP target card has an option to directly connect up to four configurable RMAP targets to the SpaceWire interfaces to allow the card to act as a test card for remote memory transfers. Each RMAP target can be controlled and configured independently, and has access of up to 1GByte of on board DDR3 memory.

The SpaceWire PXI cards are supported by STAR-Dundee’s software stack, STAR-System, providing a consistent programming interface for accessing all STAR-Dundee’s most recent, and future, router and interface devices.

NOTE: The SpaceWire PXI supersedes the SpaceWire cPCI Mk2. As both the SpaceWire cPCI Mk2 and SpaceWire PXI use the same STAR-System software stack, migrating software written for the SpaceWire cPCI Mk2 to the SpaceWire PXI is quite straightforward. If you are an existing user of the SpaceWire cPCI Mk2 and do require more of these devices for backwards compatibility, please contact STAR-Dundee.

SpaceWire PXI Router
SpaceWire PXI Interface (RMAP option available) PXI SpaceWire Interface