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SpaceWire RTC (AT7913E) Development Kit

STAR-Dundee’s SpaceWire Remote Terminal Controller (RTC) Development System is a comprehensive, easy to use development environment for the Atmel AT7913E radiation tolerant, flight grade, system-on-a-chip, which is based on the LEON2-FT SPARC V8 processor and includes on-chip memory along with a range of input/output interfaces.

The development system hardware consists of an AT7913E SpW-RTC device, plus an FPGA and additional on-board resources. The FPGA provides a number of different connection options between the RTC and a host computer, allowing the downloading and debugging of software, and the simulation of the RTC device interfaces.

The development board is also equipped with ADC and DAC chips which can be used for hardware prototyping. These chips are commercial counterparts of Space Qualified ASICs, so a prototype system based on this on-board ADC or DAC could be easily migrated to a flight qualified design.

Software support for the Development System consists of a complete Software Development Environment based on the widely-used Eclipse IDE and with full GCC toolchain. Through a series of STAR-Dundee customised plugins, a wide range of generic and platform specific debugging features are available including: breakpoints, single-stepping (source and assembler), and inspection of memory and registers.

Click here for more information on the STAR-Dundee Software Development Environment.

For more information on the radiation-hardened processor available from Atmel the following link will direct you to Atmel’s website:  SpaceWire AT7913E RTC.

SpaceWire RTC (AT7913E) Development Unit
The kit includes unit, host software and power supplySpaceWire Software Development Environment