SpW-10X Router ASIC (AT7910E) Evaluation Kit

The SpW-10X Router ASIC Evaluation Kit is designed to provide the user with an easy platform to evaluate the SpW-10X Router ASIC from Atmel/Microchip. Also known as the AT7910E, the SpW-10X Router ASIC is the most versatile, configurable, and easiest to use radiation tolerant SpaceWire routing device available. The Evaluation Kit is ready to work “out-the-box” and can save months of development whilst reducing risk and costs. With 8 SpaceWire ports on the front, two parallel FIFO ports and a time-code interface on the back much of the evaluation work can be performed without opening the unit. However, inside the unit each signal from the ASIC is brought out to a standard 0.1” pitch header to allow an easy connection to a logic analyser or oscilloscope. To ensure authenticity, various input and output signals are not buffered, enabling the user to closely monitor the behaviour of the ASIC. Included with the SpW-10X Router ASIC Evaluation Kit is a power brick and a full user manual highlighting test points and switches. STAR-Dundee’s technical support is also included to help users with any questions. For more information on the AT7910E ASIC, available from Microchip, please view the datasheet for the SpW-10X Router ASIC Evaluation Kit provided in the Datsheets/Downloads below, or see the Microchip website.

Please note that the ASIC included on the SpW-10X Evaluation Kit is the AT7910E-KB-ER, a new version of the AT7910E, as Microchip no longer supply the old version of the ASIC. An application note explaining the differences between the AT7910E-KB-ER and the AT7910E-KB-E is available in the Datasheets/Downloads below.

Product Features

  • Evaluation kit for radiation tolerant SpW-10X Router ASIC (AT7910E)

  • Based on STAR-Dundee SpaceWire router technology

  • 0.1” pitch headers aid connection to logic analyser or oscilloscope

  • Non-blocking crossbar switch connects any two ports

  • Contains 8 x SpaceWire ports, 2 x external parallel ports, 1 x external time-code interface, 1 x internal configuration port

  • Occupies half a standard 19’’ rack (1U height)

  • Accessories included:

    • Mains power brick with appropriate power plug
    • 1 year’s technical support and maintenance

Technical Specs

  • Part Number


  • Size
    • 220 x 170 x 30 mm (approx.)

  • Power
    • +5V DC, main power brick supplied

  • SpaceWire Ports
    • Compliant to SpaceWire Standard ECSS-E-ST-50-12C (formerly ECSS-E50-12A) and provides support for RMAP (ECSS-E-ST-50-52C)

    • Number of SpaceWire Ports: 8

    • Maximum Speed: 200 Mbits/s

    • Connectors: 9-pin micro-miniature D-type

    • LVDS signalling: Built-in LVDS drivers and receivers

  • External Ports
    • 2 x Synchronous parallel FIFO interface

    • Operating speed: 30 MHz

    • Optional interface logic provided

    • External time-code interface provided

    • Connectors: 25-pin Sub-D

  • EMC
    • CE/FCC Certified