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STAR Fire Mk3

The STAR Fire Mk3 is a test and development unit that can emulate, stimulate, debug and validate SpaceFibre enabled equipment. The STAR Fire Mk3 can transmit and receive both SpaceWire and SpaceFibre traffic; it can interconnect SpaceWire equipment to a SpaceFibre network; and it can operate as a SpaceFibre link analyser, capable of unobtrusively capturing and displaying SpaceFibre traffic. MICTOR connectors on the rear of the unit allow decoded SpaceFibre signals to be viewed on an external logic analyser. Integration with external equipment is possible using SMB connectors.

The STAR Fire Mk3 is controlled by a host PC, connected by a high-speed USB 3.0 interface, and is powered by a 5V power brick. It has two SpaceFibre EGSE ports, two SpaceWire ports, four external SMB triggers and two MICTOR logic analyser connectors.

NOTE: The STAR Fire Mk3 supersedes the original STAR Fire and the STAR Fire Mk2. Both the hardware and software have been significantly improved.

The host PC interface has been upgraded from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0, vastly increasing the speed at which SpaceFibre traffic can be transmitted and received from host PC, and reducing the time it takes to upload captured SpaceFibre traffic. The SpaceFibre traffic capture memory size has also been significantly increased. This means many millions of SpaceFibre words can now be captured, rather than thousands as was previously possible. The SpaceFibre data signalling rate is now configurable (1.88 - 3.2 Gbit/s supported) instead of fixed to 2.5 Gbit/s. Additionally, the hardware data generators and checkers built into the STAR Fire Mk3 have been improved. These are now capable of transmitting and receiving very complex user defined data patterns, suitable for a greater variety of test requirements.

The STAR Fire Mk3 software has been completely rewritten, significantly improving both functionality and performance. One application has been replaced by three, each designed for a specific purpose. SpaceFibre interface properties are now viewed and manipulated using the STAR Fire Mk3 Controller application. Live SpaceFibre virtual channel and broadcast channel statistics can now be viewed in the STAR Fire Mk3 Statistics application. The STAR Fire Mk3 Link Analyser application is now used to capture and view SpaceFibre link traffic. Compared to the old STAR Fire software, each application is faster, easier to use and offers greatly improved functionality.

STAR Fire Mk3 Front
STAR Fire Mk3 RearSTAR Fire Mk3STAR Fire Mk3 Software: Controller, Statistics and Link Analyser