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STAR-Dundee at Microsemi Europe


On the 20th of June 2017, STAR-Dundee is attending Microsemi Space Forum, Europe. Here we will be demonstrating the Multi-Lane interface implemented in the radiation-tolerant RTG4 FPGA. This demo will include two of our IP cores; SpaceFibre multi-laning and the SpaceFibre router. Alongside this we will demonstrate the RTG4 FPGA integrated within the generic model of a network on-board a spacecraft. 

Find out more about our SpaceFibre Multi-lane IP cores here: or get in touch

For more information on the forum visit:

To access the online North American event visit the Archive page here: 

An outline of the agenda can be seen below, look out for our Microsemi video and make sure to visit us in the Demo Room.  

Start Time  Session Title  Presenter 
9:00 Introduction and Welcome Address Ken O’Neill
9:15 RT FPGA Product Update Minh Nguyen
10:00 High Precision Frequency and Timing Solutions for Space Peter Cash
10:30 Break / Demo Room - visit us!  Microsemi & Partners including STAR-Dundee
11:00 Space Power and Point of Load Solutions Product Overview Chris Hart
11:45 RTG4 Power Hardware Reference Design Brian Wilkinson
12:15 Lunch / Demo Room- visit us!  Microsemi & Partners including STAR-Dundee
13:15 RT FPGA Radiation Characterization J.J. Wang
13:45  Mixed Signal Solutions for Space Dorian Johnson
14:30 Achieving Timing Closure for Maximum Performance in RTG4 FPGAs Hichem Belhadj
15:00 Break / Demo Room Microsemi & Partners including STAR-Dundee
15:30 Using DirectC and RISC-V to Reprogram RTG4 FPGAs Ken O’Neill
15:45  Next Generation Power Discretes Chris Hart
16:15  Space Application Focus Hichem Belhadj
16:45 Q&A session and Wrap up All
17:00 End of Conference All