SpaceFibre (ECSS-E-ST-50-11C) is a very high-speed serial link designed specifically for use onboard spacecraft which provides point-to-point and networked interconnections for Gigabit rate instruments, mass-memory units, processors and other equipment, on board a spacecraft. SpaceFibre compliments SpaceWire capabilities: improves data rate to more than 6.25 Gbit/s on radiation-tolerant technology, and to 50 Gbit/s with Multi-Laning, operates over electric or fibre-optic cables, reduces cable mass and provides galvanic isolation.

SpaceFibre is compatible with the packet level of SpaceWire. This means that applications developed for SpaceWire can be readily transferred to SpaceFibre.

SpaceFibre has already been deployed in operational space missions (TRL-9).