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STAR-System for LabVIEW

STAR-Dundee’s LabVIEW support is the latest addition to STAR-System.

The STAR-System LabVIEW wrapper provides a suite of features that cover the frequently occurring tasks used by our customers and includes; transmitting and receiving SpaceWire traffic and creating RMAP packets.

The library has been designed to be intuitive to LabVIEW users. For example, device access follows the “Open, Perform Action, Close” architecture, which is familiar to LabVIEW users, and callback/notification functions are implemented using LabVIEW user events.

STAR-System support for LabVIEW covers all devices supported by STAR-System including; SpaceWire-USB Brick Mk3SpaceWire Router Mk2SSpaceWire PCI Mk2SpaceWire cPCI Mk2, SpaceWire PCIe and the SpaceWire PXI.


SpaceWire LabVIEW screen shotsSpaceWire LabVIEW example